Poems From The Porch

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Little, white wildflowers are announcing the impending change of season,

their delicate petals like dots of glory sprinkled throughout the yard.

A lone duck has just landed in the water oak,

and after a brief sojourn,

flapped to a higher branch on the brother oak nearby.

The cardinal couple rested briefly in the crepe myrtle,

then moved on to other vistas.

Now the duck has taken flight,

and I see that there are two,

reminding me that we are never truly alone.

Listening to the sounds of the morning makes my heart smile —

rooster crowing…

Poems From The Porch

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I refuse to look at the storm today

because the calm at my center is much more attractive.

Rocky weather comes and goes,

providing opportunities to ride the waves,

to hold tightly to the bow of Love,

and to trust that there is a Skilled Navigator

Who will bring me safely through.

Instead, I’ll think about lovely things and offer prayer,

honor my feelings and tend to my needs,

engage my body in enlivening activity,

and open my heart to the fullness of life.

I’ll redirect my attention to beauty, in all its forms,

when the thunder booms

and the…

Poems From The Porch

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A multitude of blackbirds just flew by the window,

and again, in waves, they glide and swoop.

They are hopeful and trusting that, if they fly together,

they will reach their destination.

Hope is active,

adjusts to circumstances,

follows gut instincts,

chooses accordingly with eyes on Love,

not focusing on adversity.

Expectation is stagnant,

inflexible in situations,

assumes one right way,

and is disappointed when things don’t play out like they “should.”

Let’s make it real.

I’m talking about playing the hand you’re dealt — this is hope;

opposed to waiting for the better hand to be dealt

or even…

Poems From The Porch

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Good morning, robin!

Good morning, rooster!

Good morning, songbird singing so sweetly!

Good morning, dogs playing next door!

Good morning, kitties!

Good morning, porch that I love!

Monday morning beauty all around,

embraced with a cup of coffee by a fire.

Gratitude, the prayer of my heart,

tasked with loving it all.

In a flash, the sun arrives

to illuminate all of Love’s gifts,

created with care

for you and for me.

Now the robin hops closer,

and a flock of birds

swoops and twirls in the distance.

Amber and green,

grey sky melting into blue.

Now the calico kitty…

Ani Vidrine

Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Director, Retreat Facilitator, Psychotherapist www.alovecenteredlife.com

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