Poems From The Porch

photo by Vernon Raineil Cenzon on Unsplash.com

The benevolent presence of the moon is bearing witness to the earth

like a thin wafer sitting on a blue-sky plate.

A white-bodied egret is also gracing the cerulean platter

as a momentary accoutrement.

Musical accompaniment to the meal,

an auditory side dish,

is being provided by a solitary dove.

I have my place at the table, too,

though my embodiment feels less ethereal.

There is pain in letting go of the order I subconsciously placed

and instead receiving the generous offering on the buffet,

both bitter and sweet.

It seems that the Author of the…

Poems From The Porch

photo by Silvan Schuppisser on Unsplash.com

Late July and a noteworthy breeze is blowing,

it’s coolness an unusual contrast to the natural humidity of the South.

Sahara dust haze is filtering the morning rays

creating an eggshell-colored sky.

The birds are uncharacteristically silent,

and it feels like a hurricane is approaching,

though none is present on the horizon.

I am grateful for the breeze and the melody of the chimes.

There is magic in the air.

The gift of this day is the spaciousness of nothing required,

a sabbath time of rest and play.

So I am rocking the onyx kitten,


July 6–13, 2021

Steamboat Springs is a city of about 13,000 people nestled in northern Colorado’s Yampa Valley. It is a delightful vacation destination, with free bus transportation on the main streets of the town and easily accessible hiking and biking trails. The Yampa River Core Trail (follows the river) provides beautiful scenery for hikers and bikers. This area is made for outdoor recreation.

Poems From The Porch

Summer fairies sprinkled glitter on the grass before dawn,

just in time for the little flecks to mirror the shimmer and sparkle of the sun.

The cricket chorus is gleefully singing the praises of morning rising,

calling all of us to witness and proclaim the lush extravagance of this new day.

My guardian angel awakened me with a gentle kiss on my forehead,

like every day,

a touch too faint to feel

but purposeful in its summons.

How many more kisses will she bestow

before the day arrives when she invites me into the warm embrace…

Poems From The Porch

The aspens do a shimmy and a shake before it rains,

their dance an invocation to the gray clouds to lighten up.

Once the wet heaviness has been released,

the white-barked beauties settle into an uncanny stillness.

A few cacophonous crows are providing the morning bells today,

inviting all to awaken.

The air is still, but not quiet,

a mix of helicopter droning and busy street sounds,

providing a jambalaya that is filling but not tasty.

It feels incongruent, as I receive it,

this combination of visual loveliness, cool mountain breeze, and auditory noise.

It reminds…

Ani Vidrine

Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Director, Retreat Facilitator, Psychotherapist www.alovecenteredlife.com

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